Project Status, Author Status, and the Importance of Sensitivity Readers

If you’ve been wondering when the rewrite of Little Differences will be done the answer is – not only not yet, but much further in the future than expected.

The original version – Little Differences – had the characters a certain way and the magic a certain way, which was fine. But then in the rewrites I added new elements which were fine on their own; but which became problematic when paired with some of the old elements.

The long and the short of it is that I was half way through the rewrite and am now going to have to start at the beginning again. I’m disappointed that I’ll have to extend the writing time again, but I’d much rather do that than accidentally hurt people because the new and old elements clashed. I’m also glad I got it checked by a sensitivity reader, because a lot of the people around me were saying “well it’ll probably be fine”, or “it could work” and I was never sure if they meant it or were just trying to be nice (speaking of which, if someone you know is a writer and there is something potentially problematic in their work, don’t spare their feelings – that’s just asking for them to publish it as is and get publicly into trouble later).


If you’ve been wondering why I didn’t post last month, the answer is that I moved house. Hopefully normal blogging will resume around the 15th.


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