Project Status:Wishing For a Time Machine

So, this is just a quick update/apology for the most recent long break between posts. At the moment I am working on one writing advice book (and yes, I am acutely aware of the irony given that I’ve yet to publish any original fiction). It’s about 74k long and today I finished the second edit. Yay.

Unfortunately, I won’t be able to get it published (and printed and delivered) in time for the Armageddon expo this year – or, more specifically, will not have it ready in time to join some fellow indie writers in the area who have rented a stall at Armageddon this year. In order to have my book ready by then, I would need a phone booth or a DeLorean or a negative space wedgie of some kind and, frankly, none of those time travel options are available to me. So I’m quite disappointed at the moment.


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